Strategic Plan

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Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a Spirit-filled and life-giving place where strangers become friends and friends become disciples.

Mission Statement

Our mission, for the glory of God in Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit, is to:

  • Celebrate all that God has done for us through worship and witness with others.

  • Respond to our call to be disciples of Christ by sharing our faith, rooted in the Word of God, with others and encouraging others to become followers of Christ through word and action.

  • Practice good stewardship of our human, financial and environmental resources, working to ensure that all of God's Creation is viable for future generations.

  • Grow ourselves and others by reaching out to our communities, following Jesus' example of generous caring, giving, and welcoming.

Operating Values

Compassion A sincere caring for other people.
Authenticity To be faithful to our mission.
Relationship We believe that God calls the Church to be a community of Christian followers who live in sacrificial, loving relationship with one another.
Integrity To be honest with ourselves in our work as disciples.
Transformation To experience the life-changing presence of God in our lives, leading us to claim our share of the Kingdom.
Action Our goal is to mirror the example of Jesus.
Service To give of ourselves to others who need our help.

The first letters of the seven words that characterise our values spell the word "CARITAS".  This is one of the Latin words for love and it connotes a brotherly or neighbourly love.  It is the antecedent of the modern English meaning of the word "charity".  Since, at its core, the Gospel can be summed up in the Two Great Commandments of Jesus--love God and love your neighbour--it was thought that a word that conveyed a sense of love was a useful memory word for the values by which we take decisions.

Read the Strategic Plan (2009)

Read the Strategic Plan Presentation Document (Vestry 2009)

We are a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario in the Anglican Church of Canada
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