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Stewardship is a key focus in the Parish of Tyendinaga's mission.  In fact, one of the four main mission areas of the Parish Strategic Plan is to "practice good stewardship of our human, financial and environmental resources, working to ensure that all of God's Creation is viable for future generations."

Stewardship is often thought of as a new way for the Church to refer to matters of money, but as you can see from the Strategic Plan, Stewardship encompasses much more than mere financial resources.  It is a fundamental part of who we are as faithful disciples of Jesus.  One might argue that discipleship without stewardship is not authentic.  If one does not faithfully manage all that has been entrusted by God to humanity, then one's following of Jesus lacks integrity.

In the Parish, Stewardship is becoming a way of life rather than simply a review of our financial health.  To be sure, the financial state of the Parish is an important part of Stewardship, but it is only one part.  Year-round Stewardship Education is part of our Parish Strategy.  We use a Narrative Budget (see the Narrative Budget page for more information), thank people for their gifts as a response to God's generosity in their lives, and are not afraid to talk about money and our obligations as Christians.  We are more diligent about maintaining our buildings so they may be an asset and not a liability to this and future generations and we strive to take care of our people, particularly our clergy and those in need.

Stewardship, like discipleship, is an ongoing and life-long process of learning and growth.  Like the Diocese, we have worked hard at growing our Stewardship plan and we hope to continue learning and growing in our discipleship as we faithfully manage the abundant gifts with which we have been entrusted by God.

Click here to visit the website of the Diocesan Stewardship & Congregational Development Office.


Quotable Quotations

We are deceived by the assumption that the sum of our faith is expressed in hearing and believing the Good News.  True faith goes beyond the intellectual to the physical.  It doesn't let us sit passively; it makes us active participants in God's work.  It doesn't simply stir our emotions; it puts us in motion.  True faith is as much about doing the Gospel as believing it.
                                                                                                                           -Don Tuttle

Preach the Gospel always.  If necessary, use words.
                                                                                                                           -St Francis of Assisi

We are a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario in the Anglican Church of Canada
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