Parish Picnic

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This page is an overview of what to expect at our annual Parish Picnic.  If you want more detail about the actual worship service, please visit the Sunday Celebration page.

Celebration Eucharist (Mass, Lord's Supper, Holy Communion)
Language Contemporary (from the Book of Alternative Services, 1985)
Music Traditional Hymns (including Mohawk language) and Modern Praise Music
Media Printed Bulletin
Audience This Celebration is open to all ages

This Parish Celebration is a special annual service held outdoors on the third Sunday in July.  The Celebration is followed by a potluck picnic.  For time and location, please see the worship page (the one that brought you to this page).  If the weather is not cooperating, the Celebration will move into All Saints' Church.

Everyone is asked to bring a lawn chair, a dish for the picnic, and a feast basket containing all the utensils, dishes, etc that are needed to eat and drink (including serving utensils for the dish you bring).  Please do not bring anything disposable so we can be as environmentally responsible as possible.  If you bring cold food or drinks, please bring a cooler as refrigerator space is limited.

If you have any questions about this Celebration, please contact us through the means listed on the menu bar to the left.
We are a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario in the Anglican Church of Canada
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