Parish Advisory Committee

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The Parish Advisory Committee (PAC) was constituted on 7 October 2015 in order to begin the process of calling a priest to be the next Incumbent of the Parish of Tyendinaga.

The Committee is governed by the Canon C4 "Appointments to Parishes".  The membership consists of the Churchwardens (Pat Brant, Edgar Tumak, and Pam Detlor) and the Lay Delegates to Synod (Edgar Tumak, Doug Green, and Cathie Vick).  Doug Green is the Chair.

There are three primary tasks for the PAC:

  1. To develop, distribute, and analyse a survey of the parish on ministry needs and desired traits in the next Incumbent;

  2. To develop a Parish Profile using information from the survey and other sources that will be used to advertise the vacancy; and,

  3. To work with the Bishop in interviewing interested clergy and then to make a recommendation for appointment.

It is hoped that this work will be completed by Easter 2016.

Parishioners are invited to express their concerns and questions to the PAC members in person or by using this email address:

The parish survey can be completed in hard copy (which was mailed to everyone on the parish list) or online here:














































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