Parish Leadership

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According to our baptismal covenant, our ministers are all the members of the parish.  We have clerical and lay leadership to give us focus and direction as we seek to live out God's call for us in the world.

The Right Reverend Michael D Oulton
Bishop of Ontario
Ordinary of Her Majesty's Chapel Royal of the Mohawk

Bishop Oulton was consecrated in June 2011 and was enthroned in September 2011 in his Cathedral Church of St George, Kingston.

By virtue of the fact that the Chapel Royal is located in Bishop Oulton's diocese, he enjoys the right of jurisdiction over the Chapel Royal, hence his additional title of "Ordinary".

Bishop Oulton is a native of New Brunswick, where he started working life as a lawyer.  After training to be a priest at Wycliffe College, Toronto, he was ordained in the Diocese of Frederiction.  He spent time in a parish in Alberton before coming to the Diocese of Ontario at the invitation of Bishop Peter Mason.  Before his election as the twelfth Bishop of Ontario, he served in the Parishes of St Peter's, Kingston, and Christ Church, Belleville and as Regional Dean of Hastings.

Bishop Oulton is a farmer at heart and is married to Jeanie, a minister in the United Church of Canada.  Together, they have three children.


The Venerable Bradley D Smith
Archdeacon of Ontario
Rector of Tyendinaga
Chaplain of Her Majesty's Chapel Royal of the Mohawk

Father Brad was born in 1980 in Cameron, Ontario.  He grew up on a working beef farm and has a deep love for the land and those who earn their living on it.  At the age of eighteen, he left the farm to attend Queen's University at Kingston, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History.  In 2001, he enrolled in the Canadian Forces Naval Reserve, in which he served for eight years before "remustering" as a chaplain in the Army Reserve.  In 2006, Father Brad graduated from the Faculty of Divinity of the University of Trinity College, Toronto, and was ordained to the diaconate in June 2006 and to the priesthood in December 2006.  He has been in the Parish of Tyendinaga since Christmas Eve 2005 and was inducted as Rector on Holy Cross Day 2006.

Father Brad is interested in Christian education and formation and is a keen student of liturgy and music.  He is a skilled pastor with a compassionate and empathetic approach to ministry.  He is a strong leader but works with great intention to mentor and develop lay leaders and ministers in the Church.  Since his arrival in Tyendinaga in 2005, he has been an active advocate of indigenous issues and has been tireless in his efforts to reach out into the community and to pursue reconciliation between the Church and indigenous people.  In 2012, he was appointed Archdeacon of Ontario and he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his work in indigenous ministry and the Canadian Forces.

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Patricia Brant, Churchwarden
Edgar Tumak, Churchwarden
Pamela Detlor, Deputy Churchwarden

Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of the Rector, Churchwardens, Treasurer, Lay Delegates to Synod and up to four elected Members-at-Large from each congregation in the Parish.  The Parish Council represents the Vestry of of the Parish and advises the Rector and Churchwardens in the governance of the Parish of Tyendinaga.  Minutes from meetings of the Parish Council can be read on the Parish Council page.

Organist and Director of Music

This position is vacant at this time
For more on our music programme, please visit the Music page.

We are a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario in the Anglican Church of Canada
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