Christian Education

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A Christian is not born, but is formed.  We are formed through worship, lives of service, and Christian education.  It is vital to the ongoing growth of our faith that we engage in the reading of Scripture and books that explore the nature of faith.  Every year, the Parish of Tyendinaga has seasonal studies in Lent and Advent and usually a couple more times during the year.  A women's study group has met every other week since 2006 and has studied a significant portion of the Bible and several books.

Parish studies have included:

  • Gospel of John

  • Gospel of Mark

  • Letter to the Hebrews

  • Infancy Narratives of Jesus (from Matthew and Luke)

  • Psalm 23

  • The Shack, William P Young

  • God is Closer Than You Think, John Ortberg

  • The Seven Last Words of Jesus

  • The Ten Commandments

  • Foundations of Faith (an introduction to Scripture and the Church)

  • Field Trip to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Holy Land Travelogue with photos and Scripture quotations

  • Christmas Gifts That Won't Break by James Moore (Advent Study)

  • Hard to Dance with the Devil on Your Back by Ray Buckley (Lenten Study)

  • The S Word, Reflections on Stewardship with Practical Programme Suggestions by Archbishop Douglas Hambidge

  • Call Him God's Son by Alex Joyner (Advent Study)

  • Mission Possible, a missional Lenten study from the Diocese of Toronto (resources below)

  • While We Wait, an Advent study from the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund and (resources below)

Anyone with an idea for a study is invited to consult with the Rector.  Although the Rector leads the formal Parish Bible studies, anyone who feels comfortable may lead a group in study.  The Rector will support and, from time to time, check in with the study to see how things are going.

Upcoming Christian Education events will be listed below and on the Parish News & Events page.  Check back often for updates!



Fall 2013 Study:  "Reimagining Church".  The handouts for each of the five sessions are below:
     Handout - Week 1
     Handout - Week 2
     Handout - Week 3
     Handout - Week 4
     Handout - Week 5

Advent 2012 Worship and Study Guide from the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund.  This study is produced by the youth initiative of the PWRDF,, and is an Advent study concerned with applying Scripture to the lives of people of faith who are called to work for justice in the world.  Participants are invited to download the order of service and read each of the readings to prepare for each week's worship and study.  The internet resources are about justice initiatives being undertaken by partners of PWRDF and participants should read them and be prepared to discuss how justice is being lived out through the partners.

     Order of Service with readings for reflection for all four weeks

     Week One Internet resources
          PWRDF:  Supporting Midwives, Saving Mothers article
          PWRDF:  Voices of Hope Bulletin Insert
          PWRDF:  Following the Locals article

     Week Two Internet resources
          PWRDF:  Between Pink Crosses, Row on Row article
          Global Exchange - Caravan for Peace
          Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity website

     Week Three Internet resources
          PWRDF:  Welcome to Hamburg article
          The Keiskamma Trust

     Week Four Internet resources
 Leadership in Action - CoCoSi
          PWRDF:  El Salvador Partners article
          PWRDF:  CoCoSi Internationally Recognized HIV/AIDS Program in El Salvador article

Articles for Sunday Christian Education Discussions (click on title to read the PDF; right-click and select "save target as..." to download it)

Mission Possible, from the Diocese of Toronto
Sundays in Lent, starting 26 February
Participants can download the booklet for each week below (booklets are PDFs which are formatted to print as booklets).  Please consider the environment when you are deciding whether to print the booklet.
     Week 1 Participants Guide
     Week 2 Participants Guide
     Week 3 Participants Guide
     Week 4 Participants Guide
     Week 5 Participants Guide

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