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Christ Church, Her Majesty's Chapel Royal of the Mohawk

Christ Church, Her Majesty's Chapel Royal of the Mohawk, is of great historical significance to the Mohawk people and to the colonial history of Canada and it continues to play an active role in the community.

It is a Gothic structure built in 1843 and it houses a number of gifts given to it by the Royal Family over the last three centuries to commemorate the alliance between the Mohawk and the British Crown.  This alliance played an important role in the defence and preservation of the lands that ultimately became Canada.

In 2015, due to declining attendance and revenue, the congregations of the Parish of Tyendinaga voted to worship together at All Saints' Church.  The pattern for the previous two years had been to alternate worship as one amalgamated congregation between the two buildings but the additional financial burden of this arrangement proved unsustainable.  The Parish has released its hold on the use of the building, giving the Mohawks of the Bay of the Quinte, who own it, the capacity to expand its use as a community resource.  Christ Church remains as a consecrated Anglican church, which allows it to retain its status as Her Majesty's Chapel Royal of the Mohawk.  It is hoped that the partnership between the Band and the Parish might allow for this arrangement to continue into the future.

All Saints' Church

All Saints' Church is located in the heart of the Territory, on Ridge Road, in close proximity to the administrative and community buildings, such as the school, health centre, and recreational facilities.  Smaller than Christ Church, All Saints' was built in the mid-nineteenth century to serve a growing number of Anglicans in the west end of the Territory.  Today it is the home of a thriving community of Christians who are active in the communities from which they come (not all are First Nations members) and the congregation has a vibrant life centred on worshipful liturgy, Christian education, and outreach.  Since 2015, All Saints' has been the primary location for worship and parish life.  In 1988, the Queen Anne Parish Centre, a modern parish hall with washrooms, kitchen, conference room, parish office, classrooms, and large gathering space was added and is available for use by members of the community.

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