225th Anniversary of the Parish (2009)

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In 1776, the American Revolution began.  One of the outcomes of the split with the British Empire was the decision by thousands of residents of America to remain loyal to the Crown.  Numbered alongside those Loyalists were the Mohawks, who as a sovereign nation decided to remain allied with the British, as they had since 1710.  As a result, the Mohawks were forced to leave their ancestral homeland in the Mohawk Valley in central New York State to come to the British territories in Canada.  Resting for about five years at Lachine, Quebec, the Mohawks eventually settled beside the Bay of Quinte in eastern Ontario and the Grand River in south-western Ontario.  The Mohawks landed at Tyendinaga on 22 May 1784 and have made this place home for the two hundred twenty-five years since.

When the Mohawks arrived in 1784, tradition has it that the Anglican layreader set up the treasured Queen Anne Communion Silver, a gift to the Mohawk Chapel from Queen Anne in 1712, atop an overturned canoe at the site of the landing.  Soon after, the people at Tyendinaga built St George's Church just north of the shore.  With the arrival of the Mohawks in Tyendinaga and the building of the first church here, the Anglican Parish of Tyendinaga was founded.

Over the years, the Parish has expanded.  The original St George's Church was replaced by a stone building in 1843 which was dedicated Christ Church.  In 1858, All Saints' Church was built a little further west.  In 2009, the Parish was proud to celebrate the continuing tradition of Mohawks celebrating their history, culture and faith together and to do so with a growing number of non-native sisters and brothers in Christ.


The major Parish celebration of the anniversary was on Sunday 24 May 2009, with liturgies at the Cairn and Christ Church, HM Chapel Royal of the Mohawk, and a feast at the Mohawk Community Centre.  The Parish was joined by the Bishop of Ontario, the Rt Rev'd George Bruce, and the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, the Rt Rev'd Mark MacDonald.

Some photos from parishioners who were at the re-enactment of the Landing on Saturday and the parish celebration on Sunday are below.  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

On Saturday 23 May, we waited at the foot of Mill St in Deseronto as six canoes bearing the "arriving" Mohawks made their way to shore.  Friendly Mississaugas waited to extend their greeting.
Andrew (in yellow ribbon shirt) offers the Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen (Thanksgiving Address) and places tobacco over which people have prayed onto the fire so the prayers can ascend to the Creator. 
  Bishop George reads a certificate from the Diocese congratulating the Reverend Canon Cyril Betts on his 50th anniversary of ordination to the diaconate. 
  L-R:  Bishop George (our Diocesan Bishop), Fr Brad (our Rector), and Bishop Mark (National Indigenous Anglican Bishop). 
  Parishioners in their traditional dress.  L-R:  William J Brant, Patricia Brant, Roger Brant, Marilyn A Brant. 


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